To Jakarta

March 17th

We wake at Miko hotel in Makassar. Breakfast is [agreed] at nine o’clock, but before that Agnese, Andra, Imants and Rūdolfs go to the post by taxi. After breakfast, five of us go to the market, where we create photographing festival for locals. We all return to the hotel and by a van go to the airport to fly to Jakarta, where we also land successfully. With three Blue Bird taxis we arrive at a rather the nice accommodation The Packer Lodge. Here there are comfortable beds for everyone in one’s own niche. Shower and toilet works even without buckets. There is a possibility to get beer which we hurry to use. We cozily sit and eat a bit. In the evening, some of us still find the strength for a walk through the city, going to the Dutch Square. Around it there are pedestrian streets with a rather lively night-trading. We enter a fine restaurant with live music, where we get kindly shown all the rooms, but after all of that we get back in the streets again. As this is the capital, the locals no longer show the desire to take photos with us. We have got knocked out of the usual. After 11pm we return and disperse over our shelves. In our room they are in two floors – 8 pcs. It is much more comfortable than in many other places. We fall in a sweet sleep after this saturate day.

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