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AgneseAgnese Zalcmane (31). Agnese is quite a resolute, positive, energetic, curious, friendly and very interesting young lady! It seems that she never runs out of energy to do something – be it a travel organization or something else … In any case Agnese will vigorously cling to the realisation of the selected target, and very importantly, she will also get it done.
Together with Agnese you can feel safe and relaxed – she will have thought of every little detail, as well as for ensuring that everyone feels good. Sometimes it seems that Agnese, no matter how vigorous and resolute, is an incarnation of an internal peace. How else to explain the fact that even in the most unexpected situations Agnese will quietly, but quickly consider everything and offer you her solution?
Although it looks like Agnese requires precise planning and organization, it does not mean that she won’t enjoy a moment and or won’t experience unplanned entertainment by falling into a variety of adventures. It seems, Agnese has found a balance between a good and accurate planning allowing for a careless enjoyment of a deserved rest later.
AndersAnders Sköld (39).
As with all intelligent life, as we know it, the specimen Anders Sköld was created and developed from small unicellular microorganisms that somehow made a decision to collaborate creating a multicellular organism. Years of evolution, trial and error, this multicellular cluster finally crawled up from the mud and put the mother land beneath its feet. Anders in all glory was formed perfectly adapted to the environment.
Not only exactly tuned to manage to do fundamental an essential stuff as eating and sleeping, file the yearly income-tax return, drinking beers with strange names and smoky single malts with even more strange names, his evolutionary success as an individual is primarily the extreme adaptability to all kind of environments and situations. As a chameleon he melts in in unforgiving environments as dense tropical rainforests, high mountain ranges, stormy oceans, lifeless desserts, ice cold arctic areas, as well as disc golf courses, cramped tents, pubs and in clusters of Latvians. This characteristic probably made him the perfect specimen to chase total solar eclipses all over the planet…..and drinking beer with strange names.
AndraAndra Reinholde (57). When meeting Andra for the first time, people are often surprised by her profession. Teacher besides for the chemistry. But Anda has infinitely many interests and passions outside the school. If she has to choose between “not to do ” or “to do”, she will always choose the latter, therefore she is going on different trips so often. Her travels always have an aim, which often defines the actual country of the travel.
Once upon a time having a big desire to wash an elephant she ended up in Nepal, another time wishing for a “different” Christmas, she arrived in a hospitable Moroccan Berber hut on the eve of 24th of December. When she again was longing for elephants, Andra went to Sri Lanka. And if she wants to intensify the challenges, she goes to the mountains, which are her passion.
Andra is a great travel companion. She is able to remember the many small important thingies, for example, to put in the backpack some black bread and bacon which taste so good after a long hike in the Himalayas. She likes beautiful tourist places, but even more she likes those which can be found by going off the beaten path. She doesn’t get confused also in seemingly intractable and difficult situations, and she knows how to chop wood, excellently drives a car off-road and cooks wonderful desserts!
DaceDace Zvirgzdiņa (60). Dace is a friendly, generous, communicative and talkative person. She goes along almost with everyone and doesn`t argue, although prefers to express her opinion and point of view. Always in movement, loving to go for a long distance walks on the seaside or in the woods.She enjoys to stay in the open air, going kayaking on the rivers or just sitting by the fire place. She also reads a lot of books.
GunitaGunita Riekstiņa (55). Gunita’s days are being spent in a wooden cabin in the middle of the woods, by observing and studying the natural world, because even though it sounds like one of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, her work place is specifically in a forest. Most of the life she has worked in the Babite rhododendron farm, which is also her biggest passion and hobby. Gunita has been excited by trees and other plants since a very early age, and books on botany and rhododendrons make up the biggest part of the shelf content at her home and office.
But there are other passion and interests, such as psychology, travel and different peoples religion, and she hopes to find out more about it also in this Indonesian trip.
IlgonisIlgonis Vilks (55). A traveler and a clever man. He always can tell a fact, a story or something interesting from the world of science. Can answer intriguing questions on nature, space and everything around us. An amazing photographer who can get that “perfect shot” that would look nice as a poster and will forever remind the event. Has thoroughly explored almost every nook and cranny in Latvia and now is trying to do the same with the world.
ImantsImants Zaķis (46).
One could say about Imants: there he is now and now he’s not there anymore since sitting calm is not his essence. The movement is. Adventures, nature and aptly words at the right place and time. And a secret. This is above all thinking about Imants because every time you meet him a lot of new and unknown things can be discovered about works and tricks once carried out.
Looking at the pictures showing what has been done together they reveal the following scenes – UAZ car buried in off-road mud near lake Baikal, a boiler full of red crayfish, a pair of flounders caught at the same time using one fishing rod near seashore, somebody climbs a tree for a geocache, a bird that is tangled in a bird catching net, a barbecue and beer, and the Song and Dance Festival. Sounds boring? Well, it is just a part from everything because Imants doesn’t like to sit in peace and looks for new adventures.
InāraInāra Grabovska (71). Ināra is a person who always wants to help others. Her assistance begins with a family – husband, children, grandchildren and continue forward – with friends, acquaintances. Sometimes you do not even know that you need any help. However much you banish and say that you don’t need it, you will receive the help and will be happy in the end because it will turn out that you actually needed it.
Ināra is a “bomb”. She got an award for a dancer of the night in one of India’s most prestigious nightclubs. She danced all night among young people, who could not keep up.
She is always ready to go to dig, saw, dance … just do not ask her to weed carrots. She if necessary will chase rabbits around her greenhouse, where they have been brought to stay over the winter, but have had broken out and eaten the new plants, if needed she will teach to her grandchild chemistry which she does not remember exactly anymore. Ināra will do everything that is needed, then actually sulk that there is no time left for herself and that no one appreciates her. But we actually appreciate, just forget to tell her that.
KārlisKārlis Livkišs (29). Kārlis is a great friend whether you are hiking in the Balkan mountains or bringing on TV series and snacks. He is caring and observant with other people. Traveling with him is a bliss – a naturally gifted planner and always thinking three steps ahead, he still can act spontaneously and get into surprising adventures. He knows when to step up and take the lead and when to go with the flow depending on the situation. Kārlis is an explorer who appreciates new scenery, experiences and people and can keep a positive look at everything even when you are stuck in a boring town for days or lost in the woods. Also known as an aspiring researcher, bouldering enthusiast and Mr.Hotpants.
NormundsNormunds Riekstiņš (55). Most acquaintances associate Normunds with fish, water and fishermen, therefore the main topics of all social events are covering this field, as Normunds is after all the director of Fisheries Administration. However, the closest people will know that Normunds also has other hobbies and he doesn’t even fish himself.
Already since childhood Normunds loves animals and nature, so while traveling there is still no zoo visit missed. He also enjoys photography, traveling around Latvia, doing crosswords, reading books and regularly participates in basketball and volleyball workouts.
RūdolfsRūdolfs Druva (29). A kind and patient man, Rūdolfs is never shy of helping when and where it is needed. Never afraid of a challenge Rūdolfs is always trying to better himself and those around him. Always looking for new experience’s and friends, he is a true gentleman. When not hard at work, Rudolfs is an avid card game enthusiast and board game player.
VitoldsVitolds Grabovskis (71). Vitolds is a reliable friend. With him you can climb mountains, go downhill on a steep slope, switch at the steering wheel of an old car on a 32 hours nonstop working trip from Riga to Monte San Savino before Latvia was part of Schengen area, start joint ventures and at the same time drive a department in university. He is a rare person of two natures: namely, combines identities of a businessman and a scientist experimenter. A whole generation of optometrists has been convinced that it does not make sense to study a phenomenon in the bachelor’s thesis without a clear objective and if there is no event modelling going on in the process!
He is direct: namely, can reprove publicly to the rector about not acting decently, or to the dean about acting like a fool in turn! He is happy: loves life, his wifey, children and grandchildren, dogs, blues, photography, … He is no longer a boy, but in his age is on the top by at least two characteristics: if needed – is able to brace himself and safely ride down a black slope on skis; needed or not – every moment to search for the Wi-Fi in the world and when it is found, wade in the labyrinths of social networks! Vitolds is the right team member to search for the Sun in the darkness of jungle.

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